What is Kick.com? Can the New Streaming Platform Kick Compete with Twitch?

In this article, we will attempt to elucidate the cryptocurrency-supported streaming platform called Kick, which aims to compete with Twitch in the live streaming industry. The question remains whether Kick, announced by the accomplished Twitch streamer Trainwreck, will be successful

What is Kick?

The live streaming platform Kick aims to be a platform that can create financial ease for content creators and its broadcasters. Kick, which has a financial policy that can persuade even the smallest broadcasters, is said to offer significant advantages in terms of paying earned money to broadcasters.

Although it may not make much noise in the broadcasting industry, it can be observed that the platform supports the languages of many countries and has a scalable policy. Moreover, Kick is not only limited to these features. The platform has announced its first major partnership with the Formula 1 team Alfa Romeo. Other major foreign content creators such as Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed are said to be turning to Kick.

According to a post shared on social media accounts, Kick announced that it reached 1,000,000 users in 69 days, compared to social media networks such as Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify. This number is achieved in 3.5 years on Netflix, 10 months on Facebook, and 5 months on Spotify. The strategy of Kick can be beautifully and accurately exemplified with an achievement of reaching 1,000,000 users in just 69 days.

Who is the Founder of Kick?

It is still unknown who owns Kick, but it is a well-known fact that Tyler 'Trainwreck' Niknam is involved with the platform. Trainwreck announced in February 2023 that he had joined Kick as a consultant, but unfortunately, the identity of Kick's founder is still unknown. However, as many news sites have mentioned, there are some claims about the founders of Kick.

Before being banned on Twitch, stake.com, a cryptocurrency gaming platform, was one of Trainwreck's most important advertisers and it seems like they are supporting Kick as well. Although there has been no official statement from them yet, there are some claims that Easygo and stake.com are supporting Kick.

Some of the advantageous and distinctive characteristics of Kick.

Trainwreck announced in late 2022 that he had transitioned to Kick. This caused some question marks in the minds of his viewers. What was the reason for Trainwreck moving to a new and inexperienced broadcasting platform that was just starting out? We have compiled the most important reasons behind the support of Kick by some popular broadcasters and artists, such as Kai Cenat, Drake, and Adinross.

Earning Ratios with Kick

Earning ratios with Kick are quite favorable, with a 95 to 5 split in favor of the content creator. This ratio can be argued to be considerably better than those of other broadcasting platforms. For example, Twitch charges a commission of almost 50% of a creator's earnings, if they make $100. This is an unrealistic and unattractive figure. It highlights the negative impact of monopolization in this sector.

Furthermore, Kick does not charge any commission on donations received. Although, in the future, this situation could change, as the determined rates could also be part of a marketing strategy. Due to the fact that Kick is a newer platform, the clarity on the exact rates is not fully established.

Earning Money with Kick

All donations made to the broadcasters will be refunded or withdrawn in full on the same day. Broadcasters on Kick will be able to earn their income monthly through the payment infrastructure of Kick, which operates through Stripe. However, they can receive payment on the same day as the end of the broadcast with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Ethical Gambling is Allowed on Kick

What sets Kick apart from Twitch is the presence of a dedicated gambling section. Twitch had banned unlicensed gambling/slot websites, including stake.com. Kick, on the other hand, has adopted a more lenient approach and appears to allow broadcasters to participate in gambling sites and activities. Additionally, it seems that Kick has created a separate section on its site to make it easier to access gambling content.

However, because many countries have banned all gambling and slot sites, Kick's presence in countries where gambling is prohibited could put it in a more disadvantageous position than Twitch. This is because Kick states on its Community Rules page that it complies with the policies of individual countries in which it operates.

There are many striking allegations about Kick.

Many users on Twitter are claiming that Kick is a project of Trainwreck, a wealthy gambling streamer. The fact that projects such as stake.com support Kick has made the situation quite confusing. There are also allegations that Kick is operated through a secret cloud and server network called Cherry Servers.

Furthermore, many users are mocking Kick for having an interface that is nearly identical to that of DLive and Twitch. It seems that adopting their competitors' interfaces would be a poor strategy.

Can Kick Take the Lead from Twitch?

In spite of experiencing a drop in viewer numbers in November and facing criticism for recent decisions, Twitch continues to dominate as the premier platform for live streaming. While there have been alternative services for streamers such as YouTube and DLive in the past, Twitch has maintained its leadership in the industry. For Kick to challenge this reigning behemoth, it will need to meet the high expectations set by its competitors in the online streaming space and consistently maintain sustainability.